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Blu Chi Kayaking - Kayak Tours in Key West

Do you want to explore the shallow, calm, and blue-green waters of the backcountry of Key West? Love the idea of gliding through the winding mangrove creeks and paddling through inches of water where you can easily see and learn about the geological structure of the Keys all from the comfort of your Kayak?


Blu Chi Kayaking gives you the opportunity to view the mangrove environment along with its marine life which includes sea stars, jellyfish, tropical fish, crabs, sea stars, sponges, and more from the closest perspective possible.


If you like the sound of this, we are happy to tell you that our double kayaks are easily available for you. Enjoy the waters of Key West as our Captain guides the eco-tour through the mangroves and other popular places to explore.


And don’t worry if you’ve never kayaked in your life because Blu Chi Kayaks are very stable sea kayaks designed to be easily operated by novices from ages 6 and above! You can easily paddle and start exploring with a few very simple instructions from our guide.


We also offer paddle boarding, snorkeling, sandbar/beach, ecotours, and family fishing trips. And if you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry because we’ll even take care of that by providing you with snorkeling gear, paddles, swim noodles, and fishing gear.

Blu Chi Kayak Tour Times:

Along with Kayaking, Blu Chi also offer several tours including -


  • 3-hour morning eco-tour, snorkeling, and sand-bar trip

  • 3-hour afternoon eco-tour, snorkeling, and sand-bar trip

  • All-day eco-tour, snorkeling, and sand-bar trip

  • 3 hour morning charter sand-bar trip and dolphin watch

  • 3 hour afternoon charter sand-bar trip and dolphin watch

  • All-day charter sand-bar trip and dolphin watch


Check our availability and book your tour online or by calling us any time on (305) 731-3104

Boundless (eco-tour, snorkeling, sand-bar, paddleboard)

Enjoy a morning in the crystal clear water of The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

This private custom charter will take you on an adventure snorkeling at the reef.

See marine life in their natural habitat. Sea Turtles, Tropical Fish, Starfish and a living coral reef abound.

Your Captain is knowledgeable and will guide you through the experience.

You will stop at a tropical sandbar to splash around and see the home for many bird species while encircling the mangroves on your tour.

You will also be welcome to Kayak or use the stand-up paddle board!

This will help you navigate the sand-bar and have some fun.

If fishing is on your bucket list, we can cast the rod and enjoy some near shore fishing.

It's your day and you design the activities that you are interested in.

No two trips are alike and we can't wait to help you make wonderful memories!


Happy Customers

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