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5 Important Tips for Paddle Boarding Beginners

Don’t be the girl or guy that commits common first-time paddle boarding mistakes by following these expert tips laid out by Blu Chi Charters, Key West. Whether you are renting a paddleboard, or you’ve got your own gear and have tried doing this activity, these tips are bound to make your experience enjoyable.

Don’t Forget to Use a Leash

  • This is a very important safety measure for all paddleboarders out there. It will protect you and others from harm when you are out in the water. But since there are different kinds of leashes for different attachment points, it is hard to decide which to get.

The leash you should get will depend on the style of paddling you are doing, so be sure to check with our tour guide or ask anyone who has been paddleboarding for a while.

Make Sure to Get the Right Paddle

  • Wall have at least once made a mistake in buying the wrong paddle. It may seem right at the time, but if you are not careful, it can end up ruining your experience. This is why you should always choose the right paddle that will help you balance without falling.

When you pick the right paddle, you’ll apply less stress on your shoulders and elbow and your experience will be smoother.

Make Sure to Face the Right Way

  • For newcomers, it isn’t immediately obvious which direction to face when you are on the board. Many beginner boards have bigger round noses and tail boards that offer excellent stability so you can move around comfortably.

So before you start boarding, check the fins and make sure that they are behind you when you paddle. The fins are at the back of the board to keep it straight while you paddle. In proper terms, this means tracking which helps with the grip while there are surf waves. If the fins are twitchy, the paddleboard will never go straight no matter how good you are.

Use Your Core Muscles to Paddle

  • Here is a very important tip - never use your arms to paddle. This may sound a bit weird if you are a beginner, but paddling is best done by using your core muscles because these are the strongest muscles of your body. You’ll be able to put in more power with each stroke with this method.

Standing straight and using your arms to paddle will prove to be very tiring for people and you won’t be able to get enough power to smoothly sail across the water. If you are unsure how to paddle properly, ask a tour guide at Blu Chi Charters in Key West for a demonstration.

Look Straight

  • When you start paddling for the first time, the natural instinct is to look at the water instead of looking straight ahead. If you want to remain stable, you want to keep your head straight up and your bodyweight depending on your toes.

This may seem silly at first but keeping your head down will likely make you rock back on your heels and you may fall from the board.

For the best paddleboard tours and guidance, contact Blu Chi today and schedule a tour. We provide the best gear and experienced tour guides to make your adventure enjoyable and free of hazards.

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