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Kayaking in Key West - 5 Best Tips for Beginners


g as a water activity can be daunting to a lot of people. There is a good chance that you’ve not been in a canoe since your college days or perhaps this activity is completely new to you.

However, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to not try it out because we promise that this isn’t daunting as it seems. In fact, with BluChi Charters, you’ll quickly find yourself really enjoying Kayaking in Key West.

To steer you in the right direction, we have compiled a list of beginner tips that will make your time a lot more fun and smooth. We ensure you that you’ll be gliding through the beautiful waters of Key West without worry.

Get in the Right Position

  • Kayaking is all about finding your comfort in the canoe. If you’re not in a comfortable position, you’ll have a lot of trouble on the way. So to help you find the perfect position, make sure your buttocks is all the way back in the seat and your legs slightly bent.

Straighten your legs all the way out and bring them to one or two pegs that are in the kayak. Just make sure that there is still a bend in your legs because if you are completely straight, you’ll put a lot of strain on your back. Grab the Paddle Properly

  • So many people make this mistake that it is important for us to include this into the list. You should always hold the paddle a little wider than your shoulder-width apart. Your elbows need to be straight and high.

Do this and you’ll never struggle to paddle the kayak in the water.

Stroking the Right Way

  • Place the paddle blade in the water that is near your toes and then pull it back parallel to the kayak where your hip is located. You can then lift the paddle and repeat the process on the opposite side of the kayak.

This will ensure that you paddle smoothly throughout your journey in the water without putting an unnecessary physical strain on your body. Keeping your body free from physical strain is the key to an enjoyable experience. Even Strokes

  • For the best and smooth experience, your paddle strokes need to be even on both sides. This will ensure that you stay in a straight line. This is a little tricky to master but as you practice, you’ll learn how to pull this technique off.

Make sure to have a focus point on the land and try to practice paddling straight towards it. This will help you learn the technique faster than trying it on the ocean.

Book Your Kayaking Tour in Key West

If you’ve never tried kayaking before, and you find it difficult to bring yourself to try it out, don’t worry! Book your kayak tour with BluChi Charters in Key West and we’ll make sure that you are given the right equipment with a tour guide to ensure that you have a smooth and fun experience.

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