Blu Chi Sandbar Beach Tour

Boating with a sandbar trip in Key West is a fun-filled activity in the sun for the entire family. With Blu Chi Charters, you can experience Key West Boat and Sandbar tours of the backcountry paradise.


Sandbar charter with us today and create memorable experiences for the whole family. We have been facilitating these amazing experiences for many years and we continue to grow through word of mouth of our satisfied guests.


There are several fantastic natural treasures to enjoy in Key West and sandbar tours are on the top of the list. With our private charters, you can arrange for something special for your group. Our experienced staff knows exactly where the best sandbars are located in the area.


When you come to the location, you are provided with a map and guidance to ensure that you get the best experience possible here.


Blu Chi is a fully licensed, insured and dedicated to providing safe and amazing kayaking and paddleboarding experience. If you’ve never used a paddleboard before, don’t worry! Our tour guides will give you one-on-one instructions and beginner lessons to ensure your safety before you head into the waters.


We also offer kayaking, snorkeling, sandbar/beach, ecotours, and family fishing trips. And if you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry because we’ll even take care of that by providing you with snorkeling gear, paddles, swim noodles, and fishing gear.


Blu Chi tours


Along with Kayaking, Blu Chi also offer several tours including -


  • 3-hour morning eco-tour, snorkeling, and sand-bar trip

  • 4-hour afternoon eco-tour, snorkeling, and sand-bar trip

  • All-day eco-tour, snorkeling, and sand-bar trip

  • 3 hour morning charter sand-bar trip and dolphin watch

  • 4 hour afternoon charter sand-bar trip and dolphin watch

  • All-day charter sand-bar trip and dolphin watch


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